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We specialise in delivering professional upholstery cleaning Paddington services. Being your local Paddington cleaning experts requires us to be the best of the best. We have what it takes to clean your home or office furniture fast and effectively.

Being professional upholstery technicians based in Paddington, we are dedicated to delivering the best possible result. As trained experts with plenty of experience in upholstery cleaning, we always exceed expectations.

Appoint us as your upholstery cleaning experts in Paddington

Delivering excellence to your doorstep is our privilege. We always strive for an impressive result and we have the means to deliver it. Our skilled cleaning experts can take care of your upholstered furniture and restore it.

As sofa cleaners in Paddington, we understand locals’ demands and preferences related to upholstery cleaning. Residential and commercial upholstery cleaning in the W2 and W9 areas is the niche we excel at. We can respond to every inquiry with dedication. As a UK-based company, we need to be aware of all specific details typical for the cleaning industry.

You can take advantage of our upholstery cleaning services in Paddington

We can save you a lot of hustle and bustle when it comes to upholstery cleaning. Paddington locals trust our company, because they know all about our experience in this business. Our experts can eliminate viruses and bacteria that usually hide between upholstery fibers. Having a safe environment for your family or employees is a must. We are based in London’s W2 and W9 areas, meaning that we know what it takes for locals to enjoy a presentable and clean home or office. This is our main cause and it is what our services are dedicated to.

There is no doubt that the key to the success of an upholstery cleaner in Paddington is based on their dedication and attitude. Alongside the level of professionalism they have. We are a fairly popular company in Paddington, because we boast many distinctive advantages, including the following:

Same/next day cleaning appointments;

Eco-friendly materials and products;

We are based in Paddington;

We use professional equipment;

Trained and insured cleaning teams;

Amazing rates;

Friendly attitude.

We are used to tackling all kinds of surfaces. Our teams can handle different fabric types, including cotton, silk, velour, and other artificial types. Cleaning items such as curtains, chairs, sofas, and other types of upholstered surfaces and objects are always on the agenda.


Single Bedroom£30.00/Fabric three seater Sofa£55.00
Double Bedroom£35.00/Kitchen chair£10.00
Living Room£40.00/Office chair£10.00
Lounge /from/£45.00/Single mattress£30.00
Hallway /from/£15.00/Double mattress£40.00
Steps/per step/£2.00/King size mattress£45.00
Landing /from/£10.00/Super king size mattress£50.00
Small rug£20.00/Queen size mattress£55.00
Medium Rug£25.00/Short pair of Curtains£60.00
Large Rug£30.00/Long pair of Curtains£80.00
Armchair£30.00/Car upholstery 5 seat£100.00
Fabric two seater Sofa£45.00/MPV car upholstery£120.00

Minimum charge of £60.00 per visit applies. Additional £15.00 if you are based within London congestion charge zone + parking charge if there is any. The price we Quote is the total amount you pay, no hidden charges.

We deliver our immaculate upholstery cleaning services to Paddington

We have a distinctive advantage that is always working in our favor. Using an individual approach when we deliver our upholstery cleaning services to the W2 and W9 areas is the key advantage we have. Great results are achieved each time we are appointed, thanks to our effort and dedication. We respond to a request and immediately begin preparing for the challenge.

We offer a couple of effective processes that are proven to be amazing. Our technicians choose the best one based on the individual situation. Upholstery steam cleaning in Paddington one of the popular services we need to apply. If upholstery fibers in need of cleaning are not too delicate – we choose the upholstery steam cleaning approach known mostly as the hot water extraction method. Removing stains, spills, and other types of grime and dirt is not an issue when we use this method. Our professional cleaners are experienced in using this method and they know how to achieve the maximum result. Being among the 10 best companies in Paddington area is a testimony for that! The high-quality cleaning services we deliver are another reason for our good reputation.

Our upholstery cleaning endeavors are safe and environmentally friendly. This is thanks to the professional products and detergents we use to guarantee no harm and damage are done.

When we have to clean delicate upholstery surfaces, we avoid using the hot water extraction method. Instead we choose the upholstery dry cleaning option as a substitute. This is an effective way to clean delicate upholstery and erase all trace of contaminants. Upholstery dry cleaning is popular among Paddington residents and businesses.

All Paddington locals can benefit from our upholstery cleaning services

Anyone is free to try and clean their upholstered furniture using store-bought products, but they need to be prepared to settle for a mediocre result, which is most likely to be achieved. Do not waste time and money in an effort to remove stains, dirt, and bacteria from your upholstered surfaces. This will probably going to end in a waste of those resources. Trusting our professional upholstery cleaning services in Paddington is the best option.

Locals are familiar with the fact it is the better option. We will provide a safe environment for your family and friends.


We are experts in commercial and residential upholstery cleaning in Paddington

"It's very hard to find a job you like, but when you find it, it's not a job any more, it's hoby and like every hoby you give your passion and soul to make it real deal. We make what we love !"


"We always listen, when you talk and we take a note after every customer comment."

"Very quick and efficient team, very professional, powerful machines, polite cleaner, experienced, thanks"
Robert H
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Maria D