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Why do you need to have your curtains cleaned regularly?

Many people are unaware of the simple fact that curtains need regular maintenance. Even the seemingly clean curtains and blinds often carry a lot of dust between their tiny fibers. Once draft or movement inside the room shakes the curtains, dust is immediately airborne, thus creating an unhealthy environment by making the air harder to breathe. People suffering from asthma, allergies, or respiratory diseases are particularly intolerant to even slightly polluted air. This is why you should never neglect your curtains and have them cleaned by professional curtains cleaners to achieve the best possible result and hassle-free.

Can you clean your curtains on your own?

There is always a way to handle this task yourself but it is much harder to do. You need to know exactly the kind of fabric you are dealing with, otherwise, you risk damaging the material. If you decide to clean the curtains yourself, you would likely need to unhang them and put them inside the washing machine using a specific detergent. This is a lot of work and you risk permanently damaging the fabric. Appointing a fully trained and insured team such as ours is surely going to save you a lot of time, money, and effort.

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Why should you trust us with cleaning your curtains?

We have numerous satisfied clients across London and we are happy to deliver superb curtains cleaning services to all of them. Our company has plenty of advantages and reasons why you should trust us with cleaning your curtains.

We are professional curtains cleaners with lots of experience in the cleaning industry;

Our technicians are skilled and experienced enough to handle any task;

We have a fully trained and insured team of cleaners;

Our London-based call centre is always ready to accept your order;

We offer same/next day bookings;

Guaranteed best price for professional curtains cleaning;

We are your trusted team of local professionals.

How do we deliver our services?

We take pride in what we do. Standing up to our name is always a challenge we are willing to accept. Our technicians never hesitate to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. As professional curtains cleaners, we have a standard procedure we follow every time. Here is how we deliver our services:

We accept your enquiry and arrange for a visit;

Our technician visits your home or office, carrying all the means necessary – steam and dry-cleaning machines, professional-grade products, and detergents, etc.;

The trained cleaner inspects the curtains to assess their characteristics and the appropriate cleaning method;

The technician proceeds with the applications of the selected method;

Once the service is delivered, all that is left to do for you is to enjoy your fresh and like-new curtains.

As local professionals in the cleaning business, we strive to deliver a fast, discreet, and efficient service, thus enabling you to enjoy a perfect result while saving your valuable time.

What methods do we use for curtains cleaning?

Being professional curtains cleaners, we use two of the most effective curtains cleaning methods. We combine the expertise of our fully trained and insured team of local professionals with the possibility of same/next day bookings. Last, but not least, we offer the best price for professional curtains cleaning.

Steam cleaning

We have modern and efficient steam cleaning machines combined with professional-grade products and solutions. Steam cleaning is a non-toxic solution for cleaning curtains. The eco-friendly process involves a simple technology. The professional steam cleaning machines we use are highly effective. Their capacity is no match for the common steam cleaners sold for domestic use. This is why the professional approach is the one to choose – its effectiveness saves valuable time and guarantees a perfect result.

One of the advantages of professional curtains cleaning is the zero risk of damage. Our trained technicians are well aware of all the fabric types they deal with, meaning that you are guaranteed to enjoy your curtains for a long time.

Dry curtain cleaning

Sometimes, clients’ enquiries require our local technicians to use this alternative cleaning method. Some of the curtain fabrics require such a procedure and our experienced cleaners can handle such a situation because of their experience and knowledge of the process. Dry curtain cleaning is executed with the help of a special machine that is able to loosen the dust particles trapped between the fibers and deodorizes the fabric in the meantime. A thorough vacuum cleaning is the final step of the process.

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