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No home is fully clean without paying special attention to the mattress. This is an area that often gets neglected but it should always be paid attention to. Having our certified Mattress cleaning London technicians take care of your mattress is the right solution. As your trusted local mattress cleaners, we guarantee a great result every time, regardless of how dirty your mattress might be.

Why should you trust us with cleaning your mattress?

We are London-based professional cleaners with a mission to deliver quality services to all of our clients. Our proven track record and hundreds of success stories are the combined results of our effort and advantages:

Our company can clean all mattress sizes with no exceptions whatsoever;

We are capable of fully removing all types of stains;

Our professional cleaners  use eco-friendly detergents and products;

Freshnex Cleaning have the best steam cleaning/water extractions machines possible;

We offer after cleaning stain protection;

We are dedicated London professionals and we respond fast.

What are the benefits of using our mattress cleaning London service?

There are tons of benefits of deep mattress cleaning. These include:

Complete disinfection: Allergens and other similar particles stand no chance against our experienced mattress cleaners;

Any mattress’ lifecycle would be greatly increased through regular professional cleaning;

Having a clean, fresh mattress with no dust and stains greatly improves the mood and the overall feel inside your home.

We specialise in delivering professional mattress cleaning services to your home. Our high standards and work ethic are the main ingredients in the recipe that allows us to grow our business. We are capable of handling every situation, regardless of how severe it might be.

It doesn’t matter if you have a memory foam or a latex mattress – we have the machines to restore their appearance and bring to a like-new state. Our expert mattress cleaning teams always carry the tools, machines, and products needed.





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Why does your mattress need deep cleaning?

Changing the bed cover often or replacing the sheets as often as a couple of times a week is not nearly enough for a healthy and cozy bed. It is the mattress that matters and it needs special attention.

Dust mites, skin cells, and sweat are accumulated day after day, regardless of how well you try to cover your mattress. People with allergies or sensitive skin always feel when the dime for deep mattress cleaning has come but to avoid any kind of irritation, rashes, or respiratory problems, you need to appoint a professional on a regular basis. Our mattress cleaning experts will effectively eradicate all kinds of germs and bacteria from the surface and will also remove all kinds of spots, stains, and foul smells.

Some people decide to tackle the task on their own but they rarely succeed, as proper mattress cleaning requires skills, experience, and professional machinery and products. Not having any of these means would likely result in time, money, and effort down the drain. Our fully insured and trained technicians will make sure you will enjoy a great result and a long-lasting effect.

A distinctive advantage of the professional approach in mattress cleaning is the shorter drying time. Our services also guarantee complete mattress stain removal from all common types of mattresses.

How do we deliver our exceptional mattress cleaning London services?

The proven-to-be-effective mattress cleaning techniques we have adopted bring the ultimate result fast. Typically, the whole process consists of the following steps:

Our cleaning team arrives and brings all the necessary equipment;

The technicians assess the situation and proceed with vacuuming the mattress;

The next step involves steam cleaning and requires a professional hot water extraction machine.

You will enjoy a perfectly clean and nearly dry mattress.

Our secret is the hot water extraction method, commonly referred to as steam cleaning. The professional equipment we have at our disposal makes deep cleaning any mattress possible despite how severely stained it might be. Our trained technicians know how to treat heavily stained areas and fully remove any spots.

Hot water extraction is the ultimate way of deep cleaning a mattress. It is nearly impossible for the same result to be achieved using household products. Choosing our services will surely save you valuable time and resources. One of the main benefits of hot water extraction as a way of cleaning a mattress is the fact that it absorbs as much as 95% of the moisture, meaning that it would not take long for the mattress to be completely dry and usable after the treatment.

How to prevent heavy mattress staining?

Pet accidents and random spills are inevitable and und unpredictable but there is something you can do to prevent severe staining. As soon as the spill happens or you notice it, try to soak the fluid as much as possible. Don’t rub it in and appoint one of our local cleaners to clean your mattress.


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Wow, the mattress actually dry in same day as the cleaning and i sleep on it later that day. Thank you people, no worries I didn't go to my parents for the night 🙂
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