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Carpet Cleaning

Freshnex cleaning has been providing professional carpet cleaning for more than 8 years. We use the latest equipment, steam machines and eco powder detergents. Our cleaners are fully insured and well trained with many years' experience.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning service has been the most popular service for the past 2 years. We can make your sofa look and smell like new again. Our professionals can clean 90% of the upholstery fabrics. Call us for more info.

Office Cleaning

Our commercial customers are our top priority. We are available 7 days a week and you can book an after-hours appointment. We will do our best to fit your schedule.

Rug Cleaning

Having a clean home or office would always be incomplete without paying attention to the state of the rugs on every floor. Despite the effort you put into maintaining rugs by vacuuming them regularly, they still get way dirtier than you could imagine. This is where our professional deep cleaning services come in handy. We can take care of all the accumulated dirt, dust, bacteria, and other particles by applying one of our professional rug cleaning techniques.

Curtains Cleaning

Many people are unaware of the simple fact that curtains need regular maintenance. Even the seemingly clean curtains and blinds often carry a lot of dust between their tiny fibres. People suffering from asthma, allergies, or respiratory diseases are particularly intolerant to even slightly polluted air. This is why you should never neglect your curtains and have them cleaned by professional curtains cleaners to achieve the best possible result and hassle-free.

Mattress Cleaning

No home is fully clean without paying special attention to the mattress. This is an area that often gets neglected but it should always be paid attention to. Having our certified cleaners take care of your mattress is the right solution. As your trusted local mattress cleaners, we guarantee a great result every time, regardless of how dirty your mattress might be. Our company can clean all mattress sizes. We offer after cleaning stain protections as well.

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To prevent allergies

Allergies – dust and pollen are the most common allergy triggers. Regularly cleaning your carpet can relieve some allergy symptoms. Everyday-use vacuum machines can’t go deep into the carpet fabrics, and many microbes remain trapped inside, even if you have spent hours vacuuming. Steam cleaning is the best solution for getting rid of the bacterias and keep your home a healthy and happy place.

To keep the good look

To keep the good look – the carpet in your home is like the clothes you wear every day. It just doesn’t look good when spoiled.  Freshnex carpet cleaning uses a hot water extraction method to clean your carpet and keep its good look.

To protect your investments

To protect your investment – when buying a carpet you spend a lot of time and money finding the best one for your home. Getting it cleaned at least once a year will protect your investment and slow the depreciation cycle. 

To prevent permanent stains

To prevent permanent stains – when you buy a brand new rug, it usually comes with a  fabric stains protection applied. Everyday vacuuming gradually removes a part of the solution, and it’s getting easier for the new stains to go deeper inside the fabric. If you have just spilt coffee, wine, milk or tea, better call us immediately, otherwise, it is going to be much harder to clean the stain at a later point. After the cleaning, we will reapply a ScotchGard and your carpet will be protected again. 

Carpet and upholstery cleaning eliminate bad smells

Bad smell – even if you vacuum your carpet regularly, you can’t eliminate the bad smell. Тhе bad smell will only disappear if the carpet is professionally cleaned with a steam machine.

To Improve the airflow

To improve the airflow – when people walk on the carpet, the dust rises and mixes with the airflow. If carpet has not been cleaned regularly, breathing polluted indoor air may cause drowsiness and poor concentration. Freshnex Carpet Cleaning are the perfect solution for such problems. 

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