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How to protect my sofas from stains?

There’s no doubt that many people’s favorite spot at home is the sofa. Some individuals tend to do everything there – they eat, work, and even sleep on it.This inevitably leads to dirt piling up. Please check our cleaning services blog London for more tips.

How dirty carpets affect our health?

Having a clean home is a big part of feeling happy and being healthy as well. Many people underestimate the importance of living in a clean environment. Some of the biggest surfaces that require attention are carpets and rugs.

Why mattress cleaning is so important

Cleaning a home often involves processes that some people tend to neglect or avoid because they either consider them to be of little importance or too hard to handle. Mattress cleaning is one of those processes but it should never be skipped.

10 reasons to get your carpets professionally cleaned

Carpet cleaning is a seemingly easy job but it often requires a professional touch. Even those who are very keen on household chores are sometimes challenged by dirty carpets and rugs. Not all stains and types of dirt are the same. Each problem needs to be approached individually.

How to get wine stains out of your carpet

Trying to keep your home squeaky clean is a challenge we all face. Needless to say, numerous common situations could cause a mess that proves to be hard to clean. Enjoying a glass of wine and spilling some of it over your carpet is surely one of those situations.

How to protect your house from fleas, moths, and bed bugs?

Cleaning your home or office regularly is a must, as you need to provide a clean, healthy environment for your family or employees. A spotless interior always makes a good impression and also brings a nice feeling among all those who get to use the premises.

The easiest way to remove dog paw marks from the rug and carpet

Dog lovers everywhere would easily agree that having one or more dogs at home is pure joy. Still, having a canine friend to take care of is a huge responsibility and it involves a lot of everyday tasks. Cleaning after the dog’s regular messes is surely one of the most annoying chores, especially the muddy paw prints all over the floor and couch.

How to remove ink from carpet

Most people would surely agree that one of the biggest messes one could make involves ink. Spilling this liquid on your carpet is a disaster but there are ways you can undo such an unfortunate event. In case you need to remove an ink stain from your carpet, or you simply want to know what to do if you find yourself in such a situation in the future, then read below.

remove food stains

What are the cleaning options for food stains on the carpet?

Staining your carpet is inevitable. Sooner or later, you will be forced to deal with different kinds of damage to your carpets or rugs. Food stains are among the most common types of damage, which is why you need to be prepared to take immediate action when you face this problem.


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