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Having a clean home or office would always be incomplete without paying attention to the state of the rugs on every floor. Despite the effort you put into maintaining rugs by vacuuming them regularly, they still get way dirtier than you could imagine. This is where our professional deep rug cleaning London services come in handy. We can take care of all the accumulated dirt, dust, bacteria, and other particles by applying one of our professional rug cleaning techniques.

Our local rug cleaners are capable of handling with care all rug types and fabrics – oriental, natural fiber, machine-made, cotton, wool, and others. We have plenty of expertise in the field and we can avoid any kind of damage. The methods we use will prolong the life of your rug and protect it from wearing down faster. This is how our services save you money and time.

Why choose our rug cleaning London services?

There are plenty of reasons why you would be better off choosing our professional deep cleaning services. If your rug’s colors have faded or in case it is severely stained, then you should not hesitate and appoint one of our trained rug cleaners immediately. Our top-of-the-range cleaning machines and eco-friendly products are part of the recipe for success. We offer same/next day availability – you simply need to get in touch with our London-based call centre and get a quote from us. We offer an outstanding price/quality ratio and a guaranteed result thanks to our extensive background in the professional cleaning business.

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How do we deliver our professional rug cleaning surfaces?

We know that every situation requires an individual approach. After our technician visits your home or office and assesses the situation, the most appropriate method would be selected based on the type of fabric and the dye used for the rug. One of the best methods suitable for most types of rugs is steam cleaning. Known as the hot water extraction method, this technique is extremely efficient in removing dirt, dust mites, bacteria, and any kind of impurities from the deepest fibers of the rug’s structure. The process completely removes all types of mould, microbes, tiny insects, and allergens from rugs. One important advantage of this service is its harmless nature – we use professional products that are safe to use, making the method child and pet-friendly.

Every type of household or office space can benefit from a professional hot water extraction rug cleaning. The result is a combination of a fresh feel, no bad odours, zero airborne pollens, allergens, or dust mites, better air quality, and a healthier overall environment.

Our certified cleaners have mastered steam cleaning to perfection. The process involves a solution of professional cleaning detergent and water. The mixture is heated and sprayed all over the surface of the rug and immediately extracted via a special machine. Approximately 90% of the moisture is extracted, meaning that the treated rug would be safe to use soon after the process.

Some rug fabrics require dry cleaning due to delicate fibers or unstable dyes. This is another technique our skilled cleaners use with guaranteed success. Choosing this method is solely based on the particular situation our technicians are appointed for.

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What are the typical steps of the rug cleaning process?

There are five common steps in most professional rug cleaning processes:

Most rug types require thorough hoovering before they are ready to be treated. This process eliminates larger dirt particles and dust.

Testing the fibers and colors is a must – our experts make sure that no damage would be allowed during the process.

Stained areas and spots are pre-treated depending on their severity.

The time for the deep cleaning method chosen comes.

The result is a perfectly cleaned rug and, depending on the chosen cleaning method, it would require little to no time to completely dry.

Why do you need a professional rug cleaning service?

Some people insist on tackling this task on their own but severely neglected rugs are almost impossible to clean using household items. Many of our clients have been down that route. They are perfectly aware of the fact that letting the professionals take care of the rug is a cost-effective decision. Our services will restore the former look of your rug and extend its lifecycle, thus saving you the hefty cost of replacing it sooner than predicted.

Trusting a local rug cleaning professional is always the way to go. We understand the need for a fast service with guaranteed results. Our fully insured rug cleaners are capable of handling every situation they get appointed for. Once you get in touch with us and arrange for a visit using our friendly associates at our London-based call centre, you will enjoy a clean and disinfected rug faster than expected.


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