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Commercial Cleaning

Find the best time to clean your office can be challenging, but don't worry we work weekend and after business hours. With us is easy, we thing for our customers and we'll give you the professionalism you deserve. Cleaning offices since 2015, our teams are been in more than 200 offices /half of them we clean regularly/ in London City and Canary Warf.

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Carpet Cleaning

Regular cleaning ones a year is the best option for your carpet. Doing that will protect your carpet. Our method is steam extraction cleaning made by certified cleaners equip with last model machines and eco friendly detergents. Our customers preferred Freshnex Cleaning, because we are experts in cleaning. Ask our members for ScotchGard protection for your rugs and carpets.

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Upholstery Cleaning

The cleaning price if nothing compare to the price you give for furniture, if you like your sofas and chair, better clean them on time, remove the stains as soon as possible, more you wait, harder will be to remove them. Our special treatment for protection ScothGard is going to keep your upholstery from deep spots and stains. You can mix your cleaning services.

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Curtains Cleaning

The curtains are like the cherry of the cake, if they look fresh and clean the room look better. During the time curtains are home for dust and bacterias, because they are close to the windows they start smelling bad. It's better to clean them as well when you book the cleaning. Better look and smell fresh, curtains cleaning from Freshnex.

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Mattress Cleaning

If you can't see the microbes and bacterias, doesn't mean they aren't there. Old mattress keeps inside all the mites, allergens, skin cells, bed bugs and many more scary staff, better not checked under the microscope. Our specialists are using our steam cleaning machines and special detergents to kill and remove all the bacterias.

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Rug Cleaning

The are two types of rug, clean and dirty. Bring your dusty ones back to life, after the prices they'll look like new, you are going to see their collars again. If you make a stain, don't wait, clean the spot on time will keep your carpet spotless. We are expert for removing stains. Ask about ScotchGard protection, special price.