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Why to choose us

We are professionals in commercial carpet cleaning, our first customer was back in 2014. Since then we have cleaned more than 300 offices in all London areas and suburbs. Some of our customers are regular, some are one off. Call us for free Quote and book one of our teams in best time for you.

Do we have next day service

Yes, we’ll do everything to match your schedule. For our business customers we work after the business hours, also for you we work in Saturday and Sunday. We always have someone close to you, you can check for someday service as well.

Can you combine carpet and office chairs

Our team is ready to clean the carpet floors and all fabric offices chair, or sofas you may have on your working place or commercial properties.

Do we have pick up / drop off keys services

If you are property agency or business client, we can collect the keys first from the office and after the cleaning, we’ll bring them back. Let us know in advance, our cleaners are very busy and being on time is very important. 

What about the price for office cleaning

The price for commercial cleaning is vary between £2.00 – £3.00 per sq.m it’s depends from the size of the property and how hard is been used. We always recommend to book a view where we can check and give the best price possible. We also advise customer to ask about ScotchGuard protection, this is detergent we applied at the end of the cleaning and protect your carpet from heavy and deep stains. ScotchGuard protection is extra £1.00 per sq.m.

How to pay and how to cancel booking

For the moment you can pay CASH and via BANK TRANSFER, we send you the invoice to your e-mail. You can Cancel anytime before we start the cleaning process, but please if you cancel one day before that will help us fill the schedule for the team with another order.

Do we move the office desk and stuff

First we move all the desk and chair if possible, if there computer cables or any cables – we’ll not touch them. Moving only light furnitures and chairs on a side pre spray the washing-up liquid, steam the area and the move everything back and clean the rest. No worries we don’t need you to be there, we’ll call you or text you when we are done. Please, leave us comments about the commercial property if any.


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"It's very hard to find a job you like, but when you find it, it's not a job any more, it's hoby and like every hoby you give your passion and soul to make it real deal. We make what we love !"

Which areas we cover for commercial carpet cleaning

The commercial services we provide are based in London and London Suburbs, but sometimes the clients have offices in the country side or another UK towns. We are ready to travel extra miles for our business customers.