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City of London carpet cleaning Commercial and corporate venues offer the first impression of your company to clients and shareholders – so it’s vital to ensure your carpets are in pristine condition. Water damage, spilt drinks, and tired chairs and stairs aren’t the best look.

For expert carpet cleaning in the City of London, look no further than Freshnex. The leading independent carpet cleaning and stain removal specialists in London. We’re here to help you achieve the best-looking carpets and upholstery in the area.

With a routine carpet cleaning service from Freshnex, you receive expert stain removal in the City of London which easily maintains the look, feel, and cleanliness of your carpets. We tackle all forms of stains and provide general refreshing carpet cleaning for high traffic areas.

We also provide same day carpet cleaning services and next day carpet cleaning in the City of London – perfect when you need an urgent clean in time for an important client meeting or networking event.

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Why choose Freshnex City of London Carpet Cleaning?

Established in 2012, Freshnex cleaning offers the best carpet cleaning service in the City of London. Our carpet cleaning technicians are fully trained and certified under Prochem Professional Certificates in carpet cleaning and stain removal.

As a specialist carpet cleaning company, we use only the best industry-grade technology and cleaning detergents, ensuring you get a deep, thorough clean every time.

We provide a variety of carpet cleaning and stain removal services to suit your needs, including dry carpet cleaning and hot water extraction steam cleaning.

With our professional, bespoke service, your carpets will look good as new and be ready to use again within a couple of days.

What are the benefits of a professional City of London carpet cleaning?

Not only do you get a professional, high quality clean, our carpet cleaning service in the City of London guarantees:

A deeper clean – our expert methods really penetrate the carpet fibres to provide you with a thorough and effective clean, unbeaten by DIY methods.

Keep your workforce and clients happy – a routine carpet clean from Freshnex reduces allergens in the carpet fibres, perfect for those who struggle with allergies such as asthma or hay fever.

Kinder to the environment – our hot steam method uses less detergent, which is eco-friendly compared with other methods.

A carpet as good as new – a regular, professional carpet cleaning service from Freshnex guarantees fresher, springier carpets which look smart and professional.


Single Bedroom£30.00/Fabric three seater Sofa£55.00
Double Bedroom£35.00/Kitchen chair£10.00
Living Room£40.00/Office chair£10.00
Lounge /from/£45.00/Single mattress£30.00
Hallway /from/£15.00/Double mattress£40.00
Steps/per step/£2.00/King size mattress£45.00
Landing /from/£10.00/Super king size mattress£50.00
Small rug£20.00/Queen size mattress£55.00
Medium Rug£25.00/Short pair of Curtains£60.00
Large Rug£30.00/Long pair of Curtains£80.00
Armchair£30.00/Car upholstery 5 seat£100.00
Fabric two seater Sofa£45.00/MPV car upholstery£120.00

Minimum charge of £60.00 per visit applies. Additional £15.00 if you are based within London congestion charge zone + parking charge if there is any. The price we Quote is the total amount you pay, no hidden charges.

Which carpet cleaning methods do I need?

The type of carpet you have will determine the cleaning method we use. We offer both dry carpet cleaning in the City of London, and the latest hot water extraction steam cleaning method.

When we arrive to clean your carpet, we assess the material to determine the best method to use to gain the best results.

What is hot water extraction steam cleaning?

This is the most effective method for removing stubborn stains and fixing discolouration. Hot water is injected under high pressure, deep into the carpet, which lifts the stains away from individual fibres.

By penetrating deep into the carpet fibres and suctioning away the stains, the hot water extraction method allows for less detergent and leaves behind less moisture than other cleaning methods.

How is hot water extraction cleaning done?

Our expert City of London carpet cleaning service is completed within four efficient steps:

Prior to steaming, we will vacuum the area to ensure there’s no excess dirt and debris on the carpet surface.

Next, we prepare the detergent solution. We use the highest quality Prochem products, so only the smallest amount of detergent is needed on even the most stubborn, greasy stains.

From here, we work in a particular pattern across the carpet to ensure the fibres do not become too wet. The benefit of this method is that due to the powerful suction of the unit, very little moisture is left behind.

Finally, we move your furniture back in place – and your carpets are ready to use within 1 – 5 hrs /ask for more details about drying time/.

How regularly should I have my carpet cleaned professionally?

We recommend taking advantage of our deep clean at least once per year to maintain the highest levels of cleanliness, and keep your carpets looking as fresh as the first day you laid them down.

After your first clean, we can book you in straight away for your next appointment and notify you one week in advance of your next service.

How can I book City of London carpet cleaning?

Our London-based call centre makes booking a breeze – simply call us on 020 3128 7478

Booking lines are open 8am-8pm, 7 days a week. We service the City of London and all surrounding areas within a 30-mile radius.

When can I book a professional carpet clean in the City of London?

We always try to accommodate urgent bookings and will endeavour to provide same day or next day cleaning services where possible.

For information, we work Mon-Sun, 8am to 8pm.

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