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Home and office furniture, as well as all other kinds of upholstery frequently need professional Upholstery cleaning London to be kept in like-new condition.  We understand the need for a reasonably-priced cleaning service with guaranteed results and zero compromises. Our London-based professional teams provide exceptional upholstery cleaning services for your home or office.

Why should you never neglect messy furniture and upholstery?

Londoners often take advantage of our stain removing solutions provided by professional sofa cleaners. Trusting an experienced cleaning technician is important but the crucial thing to do is never neglect dirty upholstery. There are more than a few reasons for that. For instance, messy furniture and upholstery create a great environment for bacteria and viruses to thrive. Such surfaces also hold dust mites and other types of dirt which can be potentially harmful to human health. Once these particles become airborne, they can easily irritate one’s breathing and cause problems, especially when people have respiratory issues such as asthma or allergies. Last, but not least, having dirty upholstery visible inside your home or office leaves a bad impression and makes any space a lot less presentable.

Sure enough, you could always try and clean different kinds of upholstery yourself but chances are you would not be able to achieve a result as good as a professional upholstery cleaning service would.

The proven way to save time, money, and effort while also enjoy a great result is to appoint our certified technicians.




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Why should you take advantage of our experts in upholstery cleaning?

Having a trusted professional upholstery cleaning service provider is important. We are happy to deliver quality services to your door. You are guaranteed to enjoy an amazing price/quality ratio and several other advantages we offer, such as:

Harmless, eco-friendly detergents and products;

London-based call centre at your disposal;

Fully trained and insured teams;

Local professionals with plenty of experience;

Same/next day bookings for upholstery cleaning.

Our experts in upholstery cleaning can take care of every fabric type. The wide range of commonly used and treated fabrics includes silk, leather, velour, cotton, and artificial ones. We can take care of each one of them by applying the right cleaning method.

How do we deliver our upholstery cleaning services?

We offer armchair cleaning services but we can also take care of sofas, drapery, curtains, and every other upholstered surface inside your home or office. Our expert cleaning teams use the best products and methods in the industry to be able to deliver a fast and effective service.

We apply an individual approach every time we are appointed which is the key to success. Our London professional cleaners are aware of the need for careful assessment of the job they need to tackle before they leap into action. Once they are convinced of the right means, they proceed with applying the chosen method.

The process includes:

Pre-treatment of the fabric, including vacuuming;

Treatment of possible stained areas and spots;

Steam cleaning (when needed and if applicable);

Dry cleaning (when needed and if applicable);

Extraction and drying (when possible).

Regardless of the chosen method, you would enjoy a great result fast and hassle-free. Once you get a quote from our friendly call centre colleagues and make an appointment, the rest is up to our experienced upholstery cleaners.

What methods do we use in upholstery cleaning?

We have modern professional-grade steam cleaning and dry upholstery cleaning machines at our disposal. The eco-friendly materials we use guarantee the satisfaction of our clients all over London.

The two most popular methods involve steam cleaning and dry cleaning of furniture and upholstery.

Upholstery team cleaning/ Hot water extraction

Steam cleaning is a reference to the hot water extraction method that is highly effective but also not suitable for delicate fabrics. Our trained upholstery cleaners always make the most of it while following a strict protocol. They pay attention to every aspect of the process – positioning of the equipment, safety measures, the dosage of the detergent used, pre-treatment of the furniture, and initial assessment, of course. Once all safety measures are applied, our technician will hoover all dust particles from the upholstery and proceed with pre-treatment when necessary. The next step involves our modern steam cleaning machines. When the job is fully complete, your furniture and upholstery will be almost completely dry and ready to use. In most cases, three of four hours of air-drying is more than enough for the treated objects to be completely dry.

Dry upholstery cleaning

The other most common upholstery cleaning service we deliver to our clients is dry cleaning. After confirming the type of fabric, all stained areas will be pre-treated before the dry cleaning solvent is applied and later brushed off using a professional machine. No drying time is required using this method.


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