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Looking for quality carpet cleaning London services? Look no further, as you’ve come to the right place.

Our carpet cleaning London team of professional can handle any carpet cleaning challenge. We are proud to have many clients across London. They appoint us because they know we save their time and money by delivering the best possible result fast. We use the best steam and dry carpet cleaning machines in the business. All of our trained professionals are highly skilled and have plenty of industry-specific knowledge and experience in providing quality services to households and offices.

Why choose our services?

We strive to live up to our name, therefore, we allow no room for compromise. Here’s why you can trust our certified technicians:

Our technicians use powerful water extractors and vacuum cleaners;

We have eco-friendly detergents at our disposal;

Freshnex Cleaning offer same/next day bookings;

Our company provide the best price for professional carpet cleaning.

Why do you need to use the services of experts in carpet cleaning London?

Carpet cleaning needs to be executed by professionals for a fast and long-lasting result. Our London-based call centre is always by your side. As soon as you get in touch with us, we will arrange for one of our teams of local professionals to pay you a visit and assess the situation. We are happy to offer superb stain removal services delivered by a fully trained and insured team.

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Why do people recognize us as experts in carpet cleaning?

Many clients choose our services every time they need their carpeted areas cleaned to perfection. They take advantage of the proven methods we use. This is how we achieve the best possible results: Our skilled carpet cleaners visit your home or office carrying all the professional equipment and materials they need; Once they determine the situation and the best way to tackle the situation, they proceed with the cleaning process; The typical cleaning process involves vacuuming the premises, pre-conditioning if needed, and a preliminary chosen cleaning method. Different types of fabrics require different means, therefore, we use two of the most suitable methods available.

Professional steam cleaning (Hot water extraction carpet cleaning)

The most effective carpet cleaning service is steam cleaning. The process actually involves hot water extraction rather than using only steam. The service is extremely effective in case of severely neglected carpets and rugs with lots of dust and stain build-up. Hot water extraction is an effective process that successfully removes most kinds of dirt. It also removes germs and dust mites that often cause allergies and respiratory problems. Most common types of stains, spills, and foul smells don’t stand a chance. The result of choosing the steam cleaning service is a perfectly clean carpet, mat, or rug. Professional cleaning methods also involve a special protective coating that helps prevent heavy staining from happening. Bear in mind that not all types of fabrics are suitable for steam cleaning. The process is mostly used when thicker and more durable carpets need cleaning. Our expert carpet cleaning technicians will choose the best method to clean your carpet and eliminate the risk of damaging its fibers. Once your carpeted floor is completely clean, it only takes a few hours for it to dry and you will be able to enjoy your carpet, as it will look like a brand new one.

Dry carpet cleaning London

In some cases, carpets, rugs, and mats are way too delicate to be steam cleaned. This is when our trained professional carpet technicians suggest the best solution: dry carpet cleaning.

Dry carpet cleaning involves special detergents that are fully compatible with all common natural fibers. We can take care of silk and other materials that need to be handled carefully. Our skilled carpet cleaners know how to achieve the best result and avoid damaging or shrinking the fibers.

Sensitive fibers always require a professional touch. We can handle some of the most popular materials such as velvet, cotton, sisal, and jute. Persian and oriental rugs can be successfully treated by our carpet cleaners. We guarantee the best possible result and a short drying time. You can use your carpet just minutes after we are done with all procedures necessary, as the process hardly involves any moisture.

What are the other benefits of having a professional cleaner handle your carpets?

Cleaning your carpets on a regular basis is most likely not enough. If you want to guarantee a perfectly clean and safe environment for your family or employees, you need our professional services. Our proven techniques and the steam and dry carpet cleaning machines we use can restore your carpets to a like-new state and remove all dirt, dust, bacteria, and allergens. This is how we can provide a fresh feeling and protect your health by delivering our services.


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"I was always wondering what is the difference between all carpet cleaning companies, when I book Freshnex Cleaning i see it. I was amazed from their professionalism and attitude. I'll definitely call you again."
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Joseph Kovacs
Feltham, London
"Book this guys in Tuesday for my small office, there was full with stains from food and drinks and coffees. 2 hours later my office was like new, I can't believed. Thank you Freshnex Cleaning."
Montel Gibson
Putney, London
"Hi,freshnex thank you for the good work, my sofa is now dry and is look amazing.I want to say that Michael is the best. He didn't talk much, but is such a professional, I was watch him clean the sofas and he is expert."
Katrine Cereda
Shoreditch, London
"I'll be honest, this is the best cleaning I ever have, since 2009 I call different companies, but for the first time I have team that work that good. They know what they do, they work fast and the result are more than perfect."
Tom Cowan
Chelsea, London