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How to get ink out from carpet

Most people would surely agree that one of the biggest messes one could make involves ink. Spilling this liquid on your carpet is a disaster but there are ways you can undo such an unfortunate event, in case you need to remove ink from carpet. Or you simply want to know what to do if you find yourself in such a situation in the future, then read below.

Why is it difficult to remove ink stains from your carpet?

Staining your carpet with ink is easy: you can accidentally break a ballpoint pen or a marker, or you can step on a receipt you dropped down earlier, for example. There are probably a dozen other ways you can stain your carpet with ink. The question is: what to do next? As we all know, ink is one of the worst liquids to stain your carpet, as it is intended to be easily soaked, not to mention all the dyes, solvents, resins, and lubricants it contains. There are different inks, too: ballpoint pen ink, permanent, or water-based ink. Each of them stains carpets differently, meaning that you would need to use different approaches, too. One guaranteed way is to call a professional carpet cleaner.

You can completely remove an ink stain from any carpet yourself. Of course, but if you want to take no chances, better call a carpet technician who knows how to handle any stained carpet.

What to consider when you try to remove spilled ink from carpet?

Removing ink stains is not rocket science but it does require careful consideration of several factors. You need to assess the size of the stain, the material your carpet or rug is made of, the ink type, and the time that’s already passed since the ink was spilt. Whatever you choose to do, always try your preferred means of cleaning on a part of the surface that’s not visible. This will prevent you from ruining your carpet in case it is too delicate – wool, for example, can be easily damaged using both DIY and off-the-shelf solutions.

Next, make sure not to smear the ink and cause a bigger mess than is already on your shoulders. Not being careful then you blot the stain is the easiest way to make matters worse. Like most other carpet stain types, blotting is usually enough – you don’t need to rub ink stains out, regardless of how severe the situation is.

How to remove different ink stains?

We already mentioned that you need different a different strategy depending on the type of ink you stained your carpet with. Ballpoint pens are among the most common causes for ink stains. In case your carpet is not made of synthetic fibers, you can try the hairspray method. All you need is a can of hairspray lacquer – it will soften the ink once you spray it all over the stain. Once you spray it well, all you need to do is grab a white piece of cloth and blot it. Avoid rubbing the stain at this point. If you used enough hairspray, the ink stain should be blotted completely with enough effort. Use a hand brush to clean any residue left after you blotted the ink and the area of the carpet is dry.

In case you are dealing with a carpet stained with water-based ink,

there is an effective method to try. Since water-based ink is commonly used in markers and rollerball pens, it is a common threat, too. Getting rid of water-based ink stains is easy. -Add a small quantity of dishwashing liquid to warm water and use a towel to soak some of this mix and blot the stain. Don’t rub, as it will not do you any favors. Several repetitions of this process are likely to be enough for the stain’s complete removal.

When it comes to permanent ink stains, things become harder to handle. You might want to try a store-bought product after testing how your carpet would react to it first. If you want to stick to DIY solutions, all you would need is some water and a tablespoon of ammonia which can be found in most supermarkets. Add the ammonia no a spray bottle full of warm water and mix. Spray it on the stained area from at least eight inches away. Blot the whole area using a piece of cloth, preferably a damp one. You would probably need to repeat this a few times until you achieve a good result. Next, use some detergent mixed with water to eliminate ammonia residue that would surely be stuck on the carpet.

The conclusion

Ink stains on your favorite carpet can seem like permanent damage but we’ve already suggested more than a few proven-to-be-effective ways to solve such a problem. When you are forced to deal with this on your own, simply keep your cool and follow the steps above for the ultimate result.