How dirty carpets affect our health

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How dirty carpets affect our health?

Having a clean home is a big part of feeling happy and being healthy as well. Many people underestimate the importance of living in a clean environment. Some of the biggest surfaces that require attention are carpets and rugs. You need to maintain them in good condition and take your time to clean them if you want to avoid all health risks that a dirty and neglected carpet may bring. Dirty carpets affect our health, protect your home and family.

How to prevent your carpet from getting contaminated?

Did you know that a regular carpet can contain as many bacteria and germs as a few thousand toilet seats? Regular maintenance is the key to having a clean, germ-free carpet at your home or office. Carpet fibers easily collect dirt, allergens, grease, and many other types of potentially harmful bacteria and particles. To prevent this, you need to frequently vacuum carpeted areas and wash the carpet after every season if possible. Of course, you can always reduce the contamination of your carpeted surfaces by simply taking off your shoes before stepping on them.

You can also upgrade your vacuum cleaner or replace it with a unit equipped with a HEPA filter. Also, don’t forget to let your brand new carpet sit for at least a couple of days to be aired out as much as possible before you start stepping on it.

For the best possible result, we offer a proven method – the Scotchgard protection technology – the professional approach to guarantee you have a perfectly clean carpet with long-lasting protection against contamination and stains. Scotchgard is equally effective when applied to carpets, rugs, and couches.

Why are dirty carpets harmful to human health?

Let’s take a look at the most common health issues a dirty carpet could cause.


People suffering from different allergies are a primary risk group. Apart from mild irritation, carpets stuffed with dust mites can cause red eyes or even lung inflammation. If you have an allergy, make sure your carpet is always as clean as it was the first time you stepped on it.

Respiratory diseases

Skin cells, hairs, and mold can easily build up between carpet fibers. Vacuuming the area or simply walking over it distributes them everywhere around the premises, causing mild respiratory irritation or bigger problems in case you already have conditions such as asthma, for example. If you have difficulties breathing or a cough you have no explanation about, then chances are your carpet is the culprit. The dirtier the carpet, the more intense the symptoms would be. People who are sneezing and feeling down all the time also need to start by thoroughly cleaning their carpets.

Immune System Issues

The immune system of the human body is designed to keep it healthy and protect it from whatever may attack its basic functions, including bacteria and toxins. If the carpeted areas at your home or office are not cleaned regularly, the germs and dirt piled up inside them would force the immune system to constantly increase the rate at which it protects your body from potential health issues, meaning that it would most certainly weaken your immune system. This is especially important when children’s immune system is still developing – they need to be raised in a completely clean environment to avoid any risk.

Skin Irritation and eczema

You might not realize this but a dirty carpet can cause problems such as eczema, rashes, and itchy skin. It gets worse if you already suffer from some of these conditions, as dust mites lurking between the carpet fibers can make them even worse. Full and frequent carpet cleaning is the only way to get rid of dust mites which are harmful to sensitive skin. Adding a humidifier in your home or office can also help battle the tiny dust mites refusing to leave the carpet.

Stomach Illness

If you happen to live in a relatively damp environment, you might be at risk of facing stomach illnesses. A damp and dirty carpet is the last thing you would like to walk on every day. Mold, pathogens, and toxins often cause infection and stomach illness. Most probably, your basement carpet would offer the ideal conditions for such a hazardous combination of factors.

Pet Germs

Feces particles can cause a plethora of health problems that you would want to avoid at all costs. The bacteria and ammonia fumes can cause lung irritation. Since children are always playing on the ground, they are exposed to an even bigger risk.

The conclusion

Having a perfectly clean carpet prevents potential health issues and makes your home feel like a slice of heaven. You can try and do it on your own but you are always better off contacting a professional carpet cleaner. Our effective Scotchgard protection program is all you need to enjoy a clean and germ-free carpet.


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