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We are capable of delivering high-end carpet cleaning Paddington services by combining dedication, experience, and expertise into the perfect professional mix. Successful carpet cleaning is never easy because all related processes take a lot of effort and precision.

We put our clients’ satisfaction at the top of our priority list. Being among the best professional carpet cleaners Paddington residents know and trust, we give it all to exceed their expectations. We have the right tools for the job and a positive attitude, as well as lots of knowledge. This is our main advantage.  

Choose our local Paddington team

Our teams are among the best carpet cleaning experts in the W2 and W9 areas. We understand that this is a huge responsibility. Our fully trained and insured carpet cleaners can deliver services to your doorstep, thus they can take the responsibility. We are used to providing hotel carpet cleaning and office carpet cleaning services with equal quality.

London areas need carpet cleaning services, no exceptions. Part of our advantages is that we have teams based in Paddington. This helps them understand locals’ every demand.

We deliver residential and commercial carpet cleaning to every corner of the W2 and W9 areas. Doing this, we always achieve the best possible result. We do it because:

Our company use top-notch water extractors and vacuum cleaners;

Cleaners apply only eco-friendly detergents;

Freshnex Cleaning promise same/next day appointments;

The company offer amazing rates.

Тrusting our local carpet cleaning Paddington company is a smart choice

We are popular carpet cleaners Paddington residents know and trust. There are good reasons for that. Being an experienced UK-based company, we know the specifics of the procedures applicable, therefore, achieving a completely clean home or office is not an issue for us. We have years of industry-specific knowledge, experience, and professional equipment. This is why we are a trusted cleaning company in London’s W2 and W9 areas.

Providing all clients with the quality cleaning services they expect is the reason for our efforts. We make sure our clients’ safety is guaranteed as well. To achieve this, we always select the best and safest products currently found on the market. Paddington residents also trust us with cleaning their carpets thanks to our strong presence in the W2 and W9 areas.


Single Bedroom£30.00/Fabric three seater Sofa£55.00
Double Bedroom£35.00/Kitchen chair£10.00
Living Room£40.00/Office chair£10.00
Lounge /from/£45.00/Single mattress£30.00
Hallway /from/£15.00/Double mattress£40.00
Steps/per step/£2.00/King size mattress£45.00
Landing /from/£10.00/Super king size mattress£50.00
Small rug£20.00/Queen size mattress£55.00
Medium Rug£25.00/Short pair of Curtains£60.00
Large Rug£30.00/Long pair of Curtains£80.00
Armchair£30.00/Car upholstery 5 seat£100.00
Fabric two seater Sofa£45.00/MPV car upholstery£120.00

Minimum charge of £60.00 per visit applies. Additional £15.00 if you are based within London congestion charge zone + parking charge if there is any. The price we Quote is the total amount you pay, no hidden charges.

What it takes to deliver exceptional carpet cleaning services in Paddington?

We are part of the top 10 best carpet cleaners in Paddington and we prove it day after day. The quality services we offer and their variety is why locals prefer our services. We offer advanced processes with proven effectiveness, and this is reason for our success.

We will make sure that your mats, rugs, and carpets will be clean and fresh again, as soon as we are done cleaning them. Our steam cleaning services in Paddington are the right solution for your clean carpets. There are fabric types that cannot cope with the power of this process. It is not a problem, as our skilled carpet cleaners can determine whether this service is applicable or not and proceed as advised.

Our Paddington clients often benefit from the steam cleaning service we deliver. The hot water extraction method is often the best solution to choose for removing contamination, stains, and dirt.

The hot water extraction method eradicates germs and dust mites with ease. It is very effective in removing spills from carpets and rugs. Its power has been proven over the course of many years.

When we need to clean delicate carpet fibers, we need to use another service in our catalog called dry cleaning. This is an effective method when softer carpet fabrics must be cleaned to perfection. Hot water extraction is too powerful sometimes, meaning that the solution we need to opt for is dry cleaning. The method is very effective but more gentle compared to the hot water extraction method.

We deliver our professional carpet cleaning services to London’s W2 and W9 areas with high-quality and absolutely no compromises whatsoever. We have the best equipment available and the friendliest attitude. Our teams use professional machines such as Prochem Endeavor, Ashbys Enforcer/ Ninja, and other high-tech equipment.

Will Paddington residents enjoy a good result using store-bought products?

Using non-professional detergents would bring results that are mediocre compared to the ones using a high-quality professional carpet cleaning service. Maintaining overall hygiene is the best you could do on your own. It is how to make sure your carpets will stay fresh and clean for a long time. Professional cleaning services are in demand and we deliver them with pride.

Paddington residents usually appoint us to deliver carpet cleaning services to their homes and offices because they know we achieve a top result each time. Choosing our services is the fastest way for you to have clean carpets.


We are experts in commercial and residential carpet cleaning in Paddington

"It's very hard to find a job you like, but when you find it, it's not a job any more, it's hoby and like every hoby you give your passion and soul to make it real deal. We make what we love !"


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